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In the past it was rather laboriously to get sufficient information, as search machines were just getting of the ground and everywhere the necessary infrastructure was in a lousy condition. That dramatically has changed until today, like we all know. Now the information is available in abundance, so that it appears to us hopelessly, to receive the desired information in clear and compact form. And just with topics, which outline consulting activities, you will be smashed by the offer. Thus the search machine Google for example offers about 2,25 bn "results" for the search word "consulting" by now (May 2019)!

This is the reason why our special attention is directed to supply compact information with simple navigation. It is a great concern for us to arrange the pages as barrier-free as possible, to make our offer accessible for all interested persons. If nevertheless problems should arise while viewing the pages, please keep us informed about it - use therefore the email address: service[at]

Nothing is easier than being busy and nothing more difficult than being effective.

Alec Mackenzie