Software project
Project management / monitoring of software projects
Software projects require resources for co-ordination and management. The project goal must be represented and pursued by the project management. If these tasks are executed by internal specialists, they easily lose the necessary neutrality in relation to the overall project and the global goals. This requires a superior project management, which prevents such influences and communicates a common vision at the same time.
An external project management doesn´t only replace missing internal resources, but can also rapidly obtain successes by means of a purposeful moderation. We manage your projects and enable an efficient and effective project execution for you. Modern project management covers everything, in order to lead a project team to success. Basis is a successful relations management, with a meaningful organization of the project process.
We offer a neutral translation function between the customer and the supplying enterprises of IT solutions during the execution of projects. Particularly in the field of individual development or when customizing standard software often much energy is lost at this interface. That negatively affects the timetable and the costs.
A condition for an efficient completion of projects is an exact analysis of the own needs. Here we gladly support you with our consulting services. Substantial for us is also the strategic adjustment of the project, in order to reach the phase of an economic software use in a maintenance situation.