Technology consulting
Projects in the field of ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) need founded methods, market and project knowledge. With our consultation we support you with the definition, examination or extension of a new and/or existing strategy. Our focus is directed to the data flow, the preparation and supply of information, the entire workflow in the enterprise, as well as the complete technological realization. The final goal is the development of a future-safe architecture with consideration of costs, which fits your enterprise. Straight under the aspect of cost management the area of outsourcing gains a rising meaning in the last years.
Conception of future-safe architectures
Strategic recommendations regarding technologies, products and providers
Evaluation of existing systems regarding improvement potentials
View of existing systems regarding investment security
Development of concepts for the fulfillment of legal requirements
Development of concepts for the support of enterprise strategies
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The efficient usage of the information technology is an important competition factor and an integral component of the enterprise strategy for all enterprises. Nevertheless the investments are regarded in modern technologies and systems frequently only from pure ICT perspective. The tuning of investments and prioritization of the investment decision regarding the business strategies and company targets are however frequently neglected.
Together with our customers we create the technology conception, evaluate the solutions and accompany the selected stages for conversion into practice. The highly technology oriented organization of the business processes is not located in the center. Such developments are usually related with high investments and small flexibility with the adjustment on new conditions. Our strategies therefore light up the suitable connection between organization and information technology and help to find the correct middle course between both ranges.
The technological basis of an enterprise is still the dominating component in the information technology. On this basis all applications and processes are based. Due to the rising meaning during the conversion of the company targets the ICT architecture is exposed to constant changes and optimizations.
Specialized knowledge, as well as economical background knowledge is required for the evaluation of changes in architectures or the choice of the platform after a fusion. Together with you we build this architecture, whereby the following fields are located in the center of the projects: application software, infrastructure (hardware, operating system, network), service, information flows of the business processes, as well as data management.
The organization of enterprise networks constantly continued to develop in the last years. While into enterprises for long time the data and language nets were separately operated from each other, these nets now grow together to "multi-service nets". We set the following emphasis with the structure of new enterprise networks: analysis of the existing networks, production and evaluation of the future network organization, generation of product requirement specifications and/or a bill of quantities, advertisement and evaluation of the offers, contract negotiation with providers, migration planning and accompanying.
Rising competition pressure in global markets leads to the fact that into ever more enterprises the operational organizational structure will be considered. Cost lowering is aimed at by the dismantling of organizational complexity and by the concentration on the core business. Outsourcing (completely or partly) of the ICT department can contribute to lower costs, to limit the organizational complexity and to make the use of newest technologies possible at the same time, in order to withstand the competition pressure.
Outsourcing is the responsible assumption and the operation of the ICT processes, from parts or the entire ICT organization by third. In the center a long-term contractual agreement is located, by which a service provider partly or completely takes over and administers ICT operations of a customer. The selection of a suitable service provider for outsourcing requires specialized knowledge, as well as founded background knowledge over the business processes concerned.
The information and communication technology wins ever larger influence on effectiveness and efficiency of the achievement contribution in enterprises. The ICT makes certain business processes only efficient or even possible. Therefore the information technology is a strategic success factor in many enterprises. However, the costs are often not transparency and there are difficulties to quantify achievements.
We support you with that analysis of achievements and costs, the selection and evaluation of possible measures for reduction of costs, possible complexity reductions e.g. standardization of the infrastructure (standardization and consolidation of heterogeneous hardware, software and network landscapes), a sourcing strategy ("make or buy?"), as well as investigations, which fields are suitable for outsourcing. Further points in the course of the cost management are budgeting and controlling.