Software consulting
A goal of the selection, introduction and optimization of operational software is the optimal fulfillment of the firm specific requirements. The introduction of modern integrated systems opens many enterprises in addition, at the same time a strategic chance for the long-term improvement of organization and IT structures. We advise you with the selection and accompany you during implementation and optimization of the systems.
Modern systems represent a crucial competition characteristic. The current requirements of the market can only be fulfilled after a flexible consideration of customer's requests, date loyalty and product quality. Straight for medium-size enterprises the adaptation and/or the new introduction of operational software often represents a difficult venture. On the one hand the abundance at software is to be hardly still grasped, on the other hand high investment and subsequent costs are connected with the decision of a certain product in favor. Beyond that the system with consideration of the strategic master planning must fit itself into the existing landscape.
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Goal and project definition
Collection and evaluation of the actual condition
Collection of the operational requirements
Definition of the target system, product requirement specifications
Assignment of the criteria (must, shall, can)
Rough selection on the basis defined criteria and defaults
Company of presentations from suppliers
Company and evaluation of prototyping workshops
Project coaching
Support with treaty negotiations, contract design
Evaluation of the finished target system
System selection
A goal of the selection processes accompanied by us is beside coaching and project safety device the identification of the provider and/or the software solution, which the current and future requirements and goals fulfill in the best possible way. With a clearly structured procedure greatest possible decision security during the selection process is reached and the investment risk of our customers is minimized.
For the security of the strategic investment decision into a suitable software system the selection process plays a crucial role. The regular tuning between the project group of the customer and our project team ensures thereby the completeness and correctness of the enterprise information (internal and external) which can be determined.
First the existing organization, information and communication structures in the context of an actual state will be analyzed. Afterwards a target concept is developed, which represents the basis for product requirement specifications of the system which can be selected as requirement profile. Subsequently, a rough selection and finally the concrete recommendation regarding the selection of the best product take place. This recommendation offers the basis for the investment decision which can be met.
In the context of the treaty negotiations with the provider we support you during the preparation and elaboration of improvement suggestions at the treaty system. We help you to avoid situations, which can happen, if providers try to eliminate the critical doubts from users by various promises. Apart from the conditions which can be specified (licenses, fees, etc.) the functionality of the software (standard functionalities, adjustments, interfaces) forms an emphasis.
System introduction
After the selection of a system and the contract design with the software provider the important phase of the introduction of the new system starts. Here it is shown, how systematically the selection process was accomplished and which agreements to treaty system were taken up.
At the beginning stands the project plan, in which the introduction process with the different phases and milestones is specified. Both on the part of the provider and on the part of the enterprise the responsible persons have to designate project managers and project workers and equip them with the necessary authority.
As basis for the conversion that serves requirement profile and/or product requirement specifications, which represent the result of the selection process and as obligatory parts of contract were taken up. This basis will be rounded off by additional contract parts or further process manuals. Likewise the modalities already defined with the order should accordingly to be considered.
System tuning
After the introduction or the use of many years of software systems disillusionment turns in with many enterprises. The goals and conceptions related to the reorganization of the IT systems and the acceptance of the software with the coworkers was not fulfilled is often unsatisfactory.
That is frequent information content of the software systems not or no longer sufficiently, the expenditure for the master data management rose substantially and stands in no relation to the use, the complexity of the systems is too high, the substantial functional possibilities are not sufficiently used, the users are not common to the effects of the spreading and range-referred operational sequence. The optimized processes are often insufficiently converted in the introduced software.
In order to eliminate and/or reduce these problems, the deficits must be identified with the usage of the software solution in a first step. At this point two alternatives are offered to an enterprise: Revision and optimization of existing application or those separations of the up-to-date used software system.
Due to the high expenditure during the separation and new introduction of an integrated software solution one will select the second alternative only in exceptional cases and will derive rather new goals and improvement processes from the knowledge of the weaknesses of an existing application.