Organizational consulting
More than ever enterprises are demanded to increase their adaptability, innovation strength and productivity in order to improve their position on the market. That means to furnish themselves on continuous change processes and to further develop the own structures constantly. Changed requirements arise from the increasing complexity and instability of the environment, as a result of rapid technological developments, more scarcely becoming resources and also from the individual requirements of coworkers. We have to say goodby to the thought of the controllableness of all expirations.
The advancement requires permanent individual and organizational learning processes, as well as successful communication also in the conflict. Basis of such learning processes is the development of a company culture which is based on mutual respect and confidence and the ability to self reflection. In order to promote both the efficiency of the work and the satisfaction of the coworkers, it is often helpful to merge a consulting person into the process who supports with another point of view and appropriate question.
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View and recording of existing organizational structures
Expert interviews, group discussions or positioning workshops
Connection of technical components with human relations
Performance and interaction of teams and groups
Derivation of needed changes, problem research
Development from concepts to the advancement and transformation
Organizational structures
These or similar questions will arise during the view of existing organizational structures: Where we can expect our largest chances in the future? How we can promote quality thinking and innovations and activate fallow-lying potential? Which conditions have to be created for the development of a company culture which is based on mutual respect and confidence? Which new control mechanisms have to be implemented for effective and independently acting profit centers, segments, teams and groups? And how we can consider technical components and human relations in the course of the change of organizational structures in an appropriate way?
During the organizational consulting structures (construction and expiration structures, communication and decision structures etc.), means and procedures, goals and tasks as well as the human reciprocal effects (processes) are considered. The task of the organizational consulting is to develop models and to make already admitted useful models available together with the customer.
Organizational development
Each organization takes its own way of change. The power of an organization often comes out of the unmistakable history. Structures, attitudes and coinages of the past are however also the largest hindrance for changes at the same time. Both together makes an expedition into only halfway well-known and provisionally measured area for each genuine organizational development.
Successful expeditions and effective changes are not to be had without employment. They require good planning, exactly the same as the ability to fast pragmatic answers to unexpected situations. Improvisation talent and courage to the new one are just as in demand as founded experience. Each organization must find exactly the way of the change, which history appreciates and new perspectives will open.
We accompany organizations in the change. On the way of the change your internal and our external knowledge are connected: you bring in the specific knowledge of your organization and readiness for responsibility and decision. We contribute the knowledge over the dynamics and the controlling of social systems as well as the change and learning conditions of organizations.