Company profile
VIEWPOINT CONSULT – it depends on the point of view!
Humans and technology as central but not excluding contents are foundation pillars of our consulting services. Here we have to consider the most different points of view. Many years of experience makes it possible for us to find the correct middle course in developing concepts and accompany you during realization.
During organizational consulting we are developing concepts for the advancement and transformation based on the existing structures. A central element is formed by the analysis, design and optimization of business processes. In the ICT area we see ourselves in a neutral translation function between customers and conversion enterprises of ICT solutions. We know the angle of the customer and those of the supplying enterprises and can act as mediator, giving you accompanying advise and support at the selection, introduction and optimization of systems and technologies. Thereby we set on the principle of lastingness.
The field knowledge management forms a further emphasis. We accompany you during the development of measures be attained individually in each case with enterprises and employees to reach a balance between knowledge balance and knowledge management.
With our initiative get2art in the field of art & culture we are facing the challenges arising for individuals and companies in this area.
We build on partnerships, which are characterized by achievement and confidence. In order to increase the value of your enterprise and to obtain the performance optimum, we develop long-term concepts and strategies. A high motivation of coworkers is the basis of our activity, which is characterized by sole responsibility, commitment and creativity.