Everyone talks about digitalization, often with different understandings and different approaches. One thing is certain, the topic touches on a variety of areas that are also interconnected. That is why it is even more important to be clearly positioned and to have a holistic concept for your own area.

Digital areas

Basic strategies

Digital (R)Evolution: Value creation requires entrepreneurship to use new, disruptive business models by designing a matching organization for innovative business models and digital solutions.
Technology Leadership: Implementing digital strategy through IT means creatively implementing technical capabilities for concrete needs with a focus on innovation, customer experience, and business opportunities.
Operational Excellence: Expanding and optimizing IT use creates efficiency through technical expertise, adequate investment, and effective teamwork between involved groups and individuals.


The process chain for transformation in the field of digitalization extends from the strategy and underlying innovations, through the conception of the process landscape and the software development / implementation based on it, to the introduction and scaling of the solutions. In the following, the digital alignement and its contents in these areas are shown schematically and the required competences are listed.

Digital Transformation